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What do you know about the avian flu?

Statement from Alderfer Eggs on Avian Influenza

May 1, 2015


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently confirmed that multiple outbreaks of avian influenza have occurred in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Kansas. While lethal to birds, the H5 strain of virus detected is not known to have caused disease in humans and is not expected to pose a risk to public health or the food supply.

No Alderfer Eggs farms are infected with Avian Flu. Our farms are all located in Pennsylvania and, while there have not been any confirmed cases in PA to date, the state is currently on an avian flu alert until further notice. Alderfer Eggs is taking extra precautionary biosecurity measures to ensure that all of our eggs are safe. We follow the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines. In addition, we have a solid and experienced biosecurity program, as do each of the farms we partner with.

We also have our monitoring program, which has been in place since 1983 and has never had a positive test for avian flu. Pennsylvania experienced this same strain of avian influenza in 1983 and 1984. During that time a lot of these security measures were put in place and we as a state now monitor more heavily because of this earlier outbreak. Our protocol includes temporarily confining the chickens and conducting our testing protocol if an infection is suspected, while also doing everything possible to avoid the risk of outside infection.

Eggs from Alderfer’s continue to be safe.