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Meet Our Farmers

In addition to our home farm, we now partner with small family farms in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. We insist our hens be certified organic and cage-free.

On all our farms, our hens are cared for in a loving way. All of our cage-free farmers allow their hens to roam free inside the chicken houses. Each house is designed to facilitate and promote the bird’s natural behaviors.

The same applies to our organic chickens who are also fed only organic feed with no GMOs and they have access to the outdoors.

We take pride in monitoring all our farms so we know what goes on and make sure that everything is held up to our standards.


Conowingo Farm

G. Horst Farm

G. Hursh Farm

C. Kauffman Farm

E. Kauffman Farm

J. Kauffman Farm

J. Kauffman Farm

R. Kauffman Farm

C. King Farm

J. Rohrer Farm

B. Stoltzfus Farm

J. Stoltzfus Farm

S. Stoltzfus Farm