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Our 5th generation family farm overlooks the peaceful, rolling hills of Southeastern, Pennsylvania. In 1998, our family decided to make a healthy change and produce the most nutritious, purest, natural, organic egg we possibly can.

On our home farm, we raise exclusively organic hens. A portion of their grain comes from our organic fields. In addition to that though, Alderfer farms are spread all over Pennsylvania. We consider all of these farms part of our family and like family, we check up on the progress while providing them with a livelihood able to support their families.

Our hens are family too! They are all treated in a loving fashion and are provided a safe environment. When hens are raised on small farms like ours, this family-like treatment can be ensured.



What began as a small operation involving dairy cows and pigs, Alderfer Eggs has grown into so much more. While we currently do not raise cows and pigs anymore, we have enough chickens to account for both! We pride ourselves though in remaining small and connected with our customers and with our employees in this fast-paced society. Whenever you see the Alderfer logo, you can know that we care about you and are giving you what is good and healthy for your body.

Our family is growing in leaps and bounds as you can see by visiting our family tree. From the years past and the years looking forward, we strive to remain our sense of personable with our customers.

As organic, family farmers, we recognize the impact our farming techniques have on both the hens and the land. Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our farm and our eggs!

The Alderfer Family