Alderfer Egg’s takes great pride in making sure that our eggs get to you in the freshest way possible. Straight from the farm to YOUR table. Our hens are well taken care of and in return, we strive to produce the best egg for you.

Let’s start with how we feed our hens: Our hens are fed lots of protein and healthy fats. In fact, the protein that comes from eggs is very good for you in that it helps your muscles, hormones, and new cells. We strive to be upfront with our customers and that is why we only feed our hens what we would want to eat! In addition, our organic hens are fed only organic grain. Read about our organic certification HERE.

But we also treat our hens with respect: The majority of our cage-free hens are privileged to live in a Certified Humane domain.This exemplifies their natural environment and that is what we are trying to promote. Not sure what Certified Humane really means? Read all about it HERE.

That’s not everything though: All our processing is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). All our flocks are monitored under the FDA and PEQAP requirements.